We are an international shipping and forwarding company, established in December 1986 and operative since January 1987.

The majority of our loading and discharging business is concentrated in Porto Nogaro (Udine) where we are also present with our branch since 2002, providing also ship’s agency as from February 2007.

We manage a conventional maritime service for the United Kingdom with monthly sailings from Porto Nogaro. The regular discharging port is Hull on the river Humber, with convenient motorway links to the whole U.K. particularly Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, and Birmingham.

Discharging, storage and haulage operations in the United Kingdom is looked after by Ciscato Shipping & Forwarding Ltd.

We usually carry steel products, tissue paper, MDF, project & construction cargoes, heavy and oversized items.

Since 2005 we activated the sailing service to Ireland with Warrenpoint being our primary port of discharge. Departures are from Porto Nogaro every couple of months, sometimes more frequent, depending on the cargoes available and on Shippers needs.

From Porto Nogaro we offer regular sailings for Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Libia, Tunisia, Algeria and Spain with possible departures for Morocco and Portugal.